$4M Of Pot On Beach

$4M of pot has been found on a beach in Santa Barbara County on Sunday, according to reports out Monday.

It has been said that a boat was spotted early on Sunday at Arroyo Quemado Beach; it was partially hidden in the bushes, but when inspected contained huge amounts of marijuana.......christianpost.

In total the panga boat was reported to have contained more than $4 million worth of the drug, which were wrapped up in 50 plastic-wrapped bales.

According to reports the combined weight of all 50 bales of pot is estimated at 2,000 pounds worth.

The boat is also said to have contained more than 20 fuel containers on board, but the entire boat and stash has seemingly been abandoned.

According to KSBW Salinas, panga boats are often used for smuggling, especially for the illegal transportation of drugs and people to the United States from Mexico.

Just earlier this month, $1 million worth of pot was found on a beach near Vandenberg Air Force base.

According to reports, the marijuana was also found near a crashed boat, and although the exact amount of drugs recovered was not revealed, officials confirmed that it was estimated to be worth around $1 million.

Officials have said that the amount of marijuana found took up basically the entire space on the crashed boat, which measured about 20 feet in length - the bales of marijuana also measured in at about six feet high each.
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$4M Of Pot On Beach