300 guns seized, from Long Island home

300 guns seized
300 guns seized, An arsenal of more than 300 guns, many of them illegal, has been seized from a Long Island home around the corner from a high school, and the homeowner was arrested, authorities said Thursday.

Jay Steiner, 66, was arrested in late January after an undercover Suffolk police officer visited his Centereach home.

Steiner has been charged with criminal possession of a weapon and is free on bail.

"Wow!" said one surprised neighbor. "That's a lot of guns. It's scary."

Police were acting on a tip from a gun owner who had taken his weapon to Steiner, said Suffolk District Attorney Thomas Spota.

"The guns were stored all throughout the house," said Spota, as he stood in front of a table filled with the seized weapons.

In all, 85 illegal handguns and 230 rifles and shotguns were found, as well as thousands of rounds of ammunition.

"He had more firepower than the detectives who arrested him," said Spota.

Investigators said Steiner had once held a federal gun license, permitting him to buy and sell weapons, but it expired in 2004.

Steiner maintained a business card, prosecutors said, displaying that expired license number.

Several calls to Steiner's lawyer, William Eppig of West Islip, were not returned.

It's unclear what the Centereach man was doing with all the guns.

The guns are being examined to determine whether any have been stolen or used in crimes.

Steiner had no pistol license for any of the handguns, according to Spota. 

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Judul: 300 guns seized, from Long Island home
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9 Comment "300 guns seized, from Long Island home"

  1. i am so afraid of an inanimate object.

  2. The guy was just trying to make a living by selling guns. This administration has sold automatic weapons to Drug Cartels an no one seems to care

  3. Can't wait to see how the libtarded, lame stream media spins this.

  4. I wonder what the state of New York will do to the seized property once it is determined they are all legal to own? Will the state 'accidentally' order their destruction?

    By the way..........what was the reason for seizure cited on the warrant? Was their a warrant?.

  5. Around the corner from a school. Unless he posed a threat (no mention that he was dangerous) what difference does it matter how close he was to anything? Based on the article the handguns were only illegal because he had no permit for them but the writer did not actually point that out. It sounded like they were some sort of exotic pistols that were illegal based on their features.

  6. if they want to free up there evidence room I will buy them

  7. Well I hope the tipster got his 500$ for turning this man into the King! OK so before January 2014 it doesn't matter how many rifles he has...unless he stole them...but the hand guns, he knew better. Gun owners get ready, we will be seeing this everywhere. Only difference is it will be things like "deer hunter arrested for carrying unregistered rifle" Hope the New York State Rifle and Pistol Assn law suit sticks.

  8. The officer was acting on a tip from a man who said he had gone to Steiner to service his gun.
    300 Guns Seized http://todaynewsgazette.com/300-guns-seized/


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300 guns seized, from Long Island home