Lohan misses flight

Lohan Misses Flight, 26-year-old troubled actress Lindsay Lohan is scheduled to appear in a Los Angeles court on March 18 for lying to police and probation violations. If the "Mean Girls" star fails to appear, she faces a bench warrant for contempt of court. Apparently, Lohan is trying to find a flight that will get her out of New York to LA . Earlier this month, Lohan was allegedly offered a 90-day house arrest deal, but reportedly she turned it down. Examiner....

Lohan has tried to pull it together with a Playboy spread, a stint on SNL, being cast as Elizabeth Taylor, as a guest star of "Glee," and with work in "Scary Movie 5" and "The Canyons." Most would agree that none of it has helped pull her out of the hole of being an actress who is only in the headlines because of her troubles.

The actress has been in jail before, but for no substantial amount of time. As Rosie O'Donnell tweeted, "She needs help - nobody around her seems to get that - it's tragic what has become of her life - work isn't gonna fix her."

Lindsay Lohan misses her flight. If she doesn't show up in court on Monday, would you be surprised? Tolong Share ya ^^
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Lohan misses flight