Ballerinas Pimped Out

Ballerinas Pimped Out, Ballerinas pimped out to wealthy donors of a prestigious ballet company is a claim former dancer, Anastasia Volochkova, made on a Russian talk show Sunday, ABC News reports March 19.

Volochkova said in an interview that the Bolshoi theater's management pressures ballerinas to attend fancy parties to mingle with the company's biggest financial backers.....examiner.

There were clear expectations in her experience that the dancers were pushed to sleep with the wealthy donors. Volochkova was released from Bolshoi in 2003 for allegedly being "too fat."

An artistic director from Bolshoi -- Sergei Filin -- was attacked with acid in January. Bolshoi dancer, Pavel Dmitrichenko, and two other men were arrested for allegedly ordering and acting out the attack.

Obviously this puts the ballet dance company under intense scrutiny after allegations their ballerinas are pimped out. A spokeswoman for the theater -- Katerina Novikova -- had no comment on the allegations made by Volochkova and their response is pending.

“I don’t know yet if the [theater's] management has decided on how to react to everything that was said in the show,” Novikova said. Tolong Share ya ^^
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Ballerinas Pimped Out