1 million free McMuffins

1 million free McMuffins are being handed out across the China for free. The million sandwich move is part of a McDonald’s initiative to hand out 3 million around the world in 5,000 locations. McDonald’s Corp. will give away more than a million Egg McMuffins in China for free on Monday, according to Reuters.

And in Taiwan, the fast food chain will give out 340,000 Egg McMuffins at 346 locations across the country, reported The China Post.

The company is giving out McMuffins at 5,000 locations across the world on Monday in 16 time zones, the newspaper said. During the event, McDonald’s will serve around 3 million of the breakfast sandwiches.

“Breakfast truly is the most important meal of the day. McDonald’s Taiwan knows well the full potential of the breakfast market in Taiwan,” Lynn Tan, the Managing Director of McDonald’s Taiwan, told the paper.

The McMuffin handout comes as the company is rolling out a yolk-free version of the sandwich called the “Egg White Delight,” according to The Associated Press.

The sandwich will be made with white cheddar cheese, Canadian bacon, and a whole grain muffin, which is part of the company’s attempt at providing more food to health-conscious consumers. The sandwich will be available around the United States on April 22.

The sandwhich is around 250 calories, compared with the current 300-calorie variant.
McDonald’s has been responding to criticism that fast-food chains contribute to rising obesity rates across developed countries, namely the U.S. Tolong Share ya ^^
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1 million free McMuffins