North Korea conducts drills

North Korea conducts drills,  North Korean military exercises have been more aggressive this year than during past seasonal drills,  A military observer said .
North Korean state media reported this week that leader Kim Jong Un observed live-fire military drills, which included paratrooper exercises and an air force display. South Korea's Yonhap news agency reports that authorities in Seoul say there are around 200,000 members of an elite North Korean force trained in special operations.
A source familiar with the North Korean military told Yonhap on condition of anonymity that recent drills were more active than usual.
"Overall, its winter training has increased aggression," the source said.
North Korea conducted its third underground nuclear test in mid-February. Beijing has been pressed to use its influence with Pyongyang to help allay international concerns, though Chinese officials this week said its position was overstated.

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Judul: North Korea conducts drills
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North Korea conducts drills