Nordegren Dating Billionaire?

Nordegren dating billionaire Chris Cline?  That's the rumor on the 'net today. The ex-wife of golf player Tiger Woods might have a new boyfriend. On March 12, Us Weekly reported that Nordegren's new home is located in the same wealthy neighborhood as Cline... and the two may or may not be enjoying the finer things in life together.

"Elin and Chris have been dating since the holidays," revealed a source. Thus far the duo have not been spotted out together. In fact, Elin and Tiger have been spotted together in the new year sparking reconciliation rumors. Well, that's not happening......examiner.

Nordegren dating a billionaire shouldn't surprise anyone. Obviously she is used to a certain kind of lifestyle and she is going to have romantic relationships with men despite being a scorned, bitter ex. Or maybe she isn't bitter at all. She and Woods have been separated for a couple of years now and the woman has every right to carry on with her life.

Woods is rumored to be dating Olympic skier, Lindsey Vonn. Nordegren has been linked to a couple a guys over the past couple of years, but she always keeps things quiet and classy. If she finds love with a billionaire... well good for her. She deserves it.

Do you think Elin Nordegren is dating a billionaire? Chris Cline has a yacht... you have to wonder if his is bigger than Tiger's. Tolong Share ya ^^
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Nordegren Dating Billionaire?