Dead pigs in river, authorities investigating the cause

Dozens of dead pigs in river have been found in the upper Songjiang section of the Huangpu River Since Thursday. By Sunday, more than 1,200 pig carcasses had been retrieved.

The river is also the tap water source for some Shanghai residents. Officials from water authorities in Shanghai said the drinking water in the Songjiang area has not been affected and meets safety standards, but The water is still being closely monitored on the water's E. coli and other bacteria and Immediate measures will be taken if any emergency is found, officials said.

To ensure the safety of the tap water, Shanghai's environmental protection and water supply departments have worked together to test the quality of the water and disinfect the water.

Local residents continued to express concern over the safety of the water.
"Is this water still drinkable after dead pigs were found floating in it?" said 60-year-old Liu Wanqing. "The government has a responsibility to conduct a thorough investigation and provide safe water to residents."

This Dead pigs in river is not the first time have been found floating on the river, according to local residents.

"It's common to see dead pigs in the river, they were thrown into the water directly by farmers," said a villager in Songjiang district. The woman, quoted by, said the pigs may have drifted down from the upper streams.

Shanghai authorities are stepping up the coordination among the areas near the upstream of Huangpu River to track down the source of the dead pigs, the pig carcasses may have come from farms on the upper tributaries in Zhejiang province.

The ear tags on the retrieved carcasses showed they are from Jiaxing and Pinghu in Zhejiang province, and some areas of Jiangsu province, according to
An official from the agriculture department said Shanghai has a special system to treat dead pigs.

It added that sick or dead pigs are often thrown out in Jiaxing, Zhejiang province.
From last winter to this spring, a large number of pigs died in Zhulin village of Jiaxing, which is dependant on raising pigs, Jiaxing Daily reported on March 6.

The village has more than 1,400 households, and almost every family raises pigs. In January, 10,078 pigs died; in February, 8,326 pigs died. More than 300 pigs died each day, according to the report.

The pigs are living overcrowded conditions where bacteria breed easily. Consequently, many became sick and died. But there is not enough land to bury the pig carcasses, and many of dead animals were thrown away, it said. Tolong Share ya ^^
Judul: Dead pigs in river, authorities investigating the cause
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Dead pigs in river, authorities investigating the cause