6th grader brings $20K to school

6th grader brings $20K to school, Police are investigating an incident involving a 12-year-old girl and a backpack full of cash. On Monday, the female student brought $20,000 cash in her backpack to the 6th Grade Academy Building in Taylor.

Taylor School District became aware of the problem after the female student began passing the cash out to others. She reportedly gave one student $200 and another $500.....wxyz

The school principal notified police.The girl told the police she got it from a friend across the street in her neighborhood.

Police have the money now and they're holding on to it until the family who says it's their cash can provide them with a reasonable explanation of where it came from and what it was to be used for. Tolong Share ya ^^
Judul: 6th grader brings $20K to school
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6th grader brings $20K to school