Razor blades in donuts

Razor blades in donuts
A Utah Couple Put Razor Blades In donuts and swallowed small metal fragments in an apparent attempt to win a settlement from a donut shop, authorities say.

Michael Condor and Carol Lee Leazer-Hardman contacted police last Wednesday to say they had found a razor blade in a donut they bought at Smith's Food Store in Draper, Utah......theprovince.

The store pulled the donuts from the shelves and police investigated, but "things weren't adding up," Draper Police Sgt. Chad Carpenter told the Deseret News.

Police determined that Condor and Leazer-Hardman had inserted the razor blades themselves, and even went so far as to swallow small metal fragments.

They also allowed a co-worker to eat a donut into which they had placed a razor, police allege.

None of the people involved were injured, but the couple has been arrested.

"We interviewed the male today and he did admit… that this was just a scheme thought up by them. They wanted to get a settlement of some sort," Carpenter said.

It's been a bad month for foreign objects in food. Okanagan juice giant SunRype was recently the subject of a CTV investigation after consumers complained about strange matter found inside apple juice boxes.

In the UK, a couple dished out a plate of pre-packaged salad greens to find a dead bird lying amongst the greenery. And of course, horse meat is turning up in all sorts of places normally reserved for cows.

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Razor blades in donuts