Miley and Liam split?


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Miley and Liam split ?, Aussie Hollywood star Liam Hemsworth and his country-singing starlet fiancee Miley Cyrus have broken up, according to new reports.

The young pair, who first got together in 2009 after meeting on set of their movie The Last Song, announced their engagement in June last year, but have said to have gone their separate ways due to Miley's love of partying.

"Miley and Liam are done; it's over. She likes to party really hard and can be pretty wild. It became a problem for him," a source told the New York Post.

The news comes shortly after the Hunger Games actor travelled back home to Australia to "take a break" from his fiancee and spend time with his big brother, Chris Hemsworth, and his wife Elsa Pataky and nine-month-old daughter India Rose.

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Miley and Liam split?