Reggie Bush rumors, Is Reggie Bush Denver Bound?

Reggie Bush rumors, New Year’s Day is here for football fans as free agency kicks off in just a few hours, and the rumors are flying. The Denver Broncos are reportedly in the market for a running back and everyone is thinking they are looking for a bigger back. They might be, but there are reports on Tuesday morning that the Broncos are one of the frontrunners to sign Miami Dolphins running back, Reggie Bush.
When I first thought of this, it made no sense to me. The Broncos drafted Ronnie Hillman last year to be their version of a Bush, and it’s too early to give up on him.
However after thinking about it for an hour or so, it makes sense. When you have Peyton Manning, you can never have too many weapons. Bush who is only 28 would bring an explosive threat to the offense, a player that can go the distance every time he touches the football. In short, Bush is a playmaker and you can never have too many of those.
The Broncos would not use Bush as a primary back, they would use him as their Wes Welker or Percy Harvin. A guy that they can lineup anywhere on the field and a guy that creates mismatches all over the place. No quarterback in the league finds those mismatches better than Manning, and he would find Bush when he is being covered by a middle linebacker.
Bush also fits with what new offensive coordinator, Adam Gase wants to do. He wants the Broncos to play fast on offense and there are very few players who are faster than Bush. In addition, Bush would be a great asset on third-downs.
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Reggie Bush rumors, Is Reggie Bush Denver Bound?