Alleged Visine Poisoning

A California man was arrested earlier this week for allegedly trying to poison his girlfriend with Visine.

Police told ABC News that Shayne Carpenter, 27, was arrested Thursday domestic violence and poisoning charges.

Carpenter, a mechanic in the town of Grass Valley, got into a fight with the woman and then allegedly put Visine in her drink........theepochtimes.

We got admissions from him over the phone, when he was admitting to her, that he had done this,” Lt. Steve Tripp of the Nevada County Sheriff Department told the broadcaster.

His girlfriend, who was not identified, was treated and released by a hospital after the incident, officials said.
Carpenter posted $25,000 in bail and was released from jail on Friday.

A month ago, Vickie Jo Mills, a woman in Pennsylvania was sentenced to two to four years in prison for poisoning a man with Visine, according to The Associated Press. Police said she admitted to putting eye drops in her boyfriend’s drinking water between 10 and different 12 times.

The U.S. National Institute of Health says that poisoning from tetrahydrozoline, the ingredient used in Visine and other eye drops, can cause a slew of symptoms, including vomiting, blurred vision, rapid heartbeat, difficulty breathing, and in worse cases, coma, seizures, and tremors.
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Alleged Visine Poisoning