Bees attack young children


Bees attack young children in South Africa, massive bee attacked a group of 80 South African pre-schoolers Friday.

The children were waiting to board their bus after a day playing with rabbits at a bunny park a half-hour outside Johannesburg, when, as spokesman for the area's ambulance service Chris Botha so eloquently said, "things went drastically wrong."

"A swarm of bees came out of nowhere and attacked the children," Botha added, according to GlobalGrind.

Four of the toddlers, aged two to six, were in critical condition, and another 40 were injured in the attack,Africa's BNO News reported.

Investigators are still unclear on what prompted the freak incident, but said they don't think that the stingers in question were the infamously aggressive Africanized honey bees, AKA killer bees, ABC News reported.

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Judul: Bees attack young children
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Bees attack young children